APIVEO words - Hand Logo rev 1 BlackGet started with APIVEO® and begin teaching leadership and character lessons to your team today.

APIVEO®: A·PIV·E·O  \ə-pĭv-ē-ō\ (verb) To Always Play IV Each Other : To intentionally serve and care for others in everything you do : To lead through service : When you’re not first…you always win®

APIVEO® equips, encourages and empowers coaches and youth leaders to teach kids about leadership and character.

APIVEO® is a FREE resource helping to build our future leaders.

APIVEO® offers…

  • APIVEO® FREE Leadership Lessons
  • APIVEO® inspirational and informative blog
  • APIVEO® coaching clinics and motivational seminars

APIVEO® Leadership Lesson Topics include

  • What does it mean to Always Play IV Each Other®?
  • What is a leader?
  • Listening is the starting point of leadership
  • Leading with our words
  • Leading with our actions
  • Forgiveness
  • Courage

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